What the hell is Hell's Half Acres?

Hell's Half Acres is the solo music project that I started in order to conquer the universe.  And by universe I mean the open mic night at the sports bar at the end of my street.

Well then who the hell are you?

Timbo White.  I am a 27 year old 12 string guitar picking, ivory tickling, whiskey drinking, hippy-geek-musician.

Is this some kind of devil worshipping music?

Unfortunately, no. The project's name is not intended to be a reference to Satan or to where she lives.  The phrase "hell's half acre" is, among other things, an idiom for rough, grueling terrain.

The music sounds like what you would hear playing at a dive bar in the middle of the woods that you stumbled upon after eating a moderate quantity of psilocybin mushrooms.

Who's playing all those darn instruments?

I wrote, performed, recorded, and produced Nine, the debut CD. The tracks were recorded over the course of 2 years in various apartments in Tempe, AZ.  

Alright, ya got me - the drum kit is the only instrument I didn't play.  The drum kit tracks consist of one-shot samples that I spent way too many hours arranging.

Who's leg do I have to hump to see a live show?

I still haven't decided on whether to perform live yet.  I'd probably have to quit my job, assemble a band, get tattooed, and shave my chest.  

Your purchase of a CD will directly support my shaving cream needs.